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    Tips for Managing Usage

    Nedernet charges $5 per 10 GB over your monthly limit and caps that charge at $50 on every plan.

    Video streaming causes usage overages.

    Get to know your usage habits so you can see what devices are using the most in your house and where you can make changes. For example, checking your usage two nights in a row will show you what you've used that day.

    1. Viewing video in High Definition will rack up usage. Most streaming platforms allow you to change this in their system settings.

    If your viewing platform is not listed, Google 'how to decrease usage' for your device.

    2. Make sure to stop your viewing platform from streaming when you are no longer watching it.

    3. Use the free usage time of 1 AM to 7 AM. We do not charge for usage during those hours.

    4. Make sure there is a password on your router so that no one is using it without your permission. Directions for setting security on your router can be found here.

    5. If you need to use a lot of data one month, remember you will pay an extra $50 at most on top of your plan cost.

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