High-Speed Wireless Internet Service FAQ

    What is Wireless Internet?

    Instead of using phone lines or cable television wires, wireless internet uses microwave radio signals, much like cell phones. Instead of the sound of your voice, wireless networks carry data. Nedernet's office in central Nederland has a high-speed (fiber) Internet connection, which we re-distribute via the microwave wireless system. All you need to receive the service is a clear view of one of our repeaters, and an antenna that we provide. With the addition of a wireless router, those with wireless laptop computers and phones will be able to wander around the house surfing the web or checking email. Speeds of up to 20Mbps are possible, which is thousands of times faster than a dial-up connection.

    Will I be able to get it?

    Our service covers most of Nederland, Rollinsville proper, Wedgwood, and Eldora. We also offer service in Bar-K Ranch in Jamestown, Allenspark and Ward. If you're not sure give us a call! Those outside our coverage area are encouraged to find neighbors interested in getting service; it will only take about 5 customers in an area for us to expand our coverage there.

    When will it be available?

    It's available right now! Most installations can be completed within 48 hours. Call 303-258-7922 for an appointment.

    Can I hook up more than one computer?

    Certainly! If you'd like to hook up more than 1 computer, you'll need a router, which we can provide for a nominal fee. We can also run the necessary cabling for you. All the computers you connect can be online simultaneously. You an even buy a wireless router and have your own home wireless network.

    Is the connection secure?

    While our wireless signal is encrypted when it leaves your house, any traffic of a sensitive nature is already encrypted by your browser. We do recommend, however, putting a password on your home wireless network. This prevents your neighbors from accessing your network and using your bandwidth.

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