High-Speed Internet for Nederland
and the Peak to Peak Region

Nedernet, Inc is a locally owned and operated ISP offering broadband high-speed internet service in Nederland, Eldora, Ward, Gilpin County, Bar-K Ranch in Jamestown, and Allenspark, Colorado. Employing the latest wireless networking technology, we bring blazing fast connectivity right to the comfort of your home - at an affordable price.

Pricing for Nederland, Ward, Gilpin County, Jamestown, Allenspark

Plan Monthly Cost Bandwidth1 Transfer2
(1GB = 1 hour of streaming)
Firewall Install
Economy $29.99 2Mbps down/2Mbps up
Good for basic web surfing, email
with 1 year contract, or $993
Residential $50 6Mbps down/ 6Mbps up
Better for movies, music, faster downloads
350GB yes
Home Office $75 12Mbps down/12Mbps up
Best for movies, and for more than one user at a time
350GB yes
Commercial $89.99 25Mbps down/ 25Mbps up
Best for businesses or power users
350GB optional
(only in Nederland)
$149.99 100Mbps down/100Mbps up
For those who have to have the FASTEST!
Unlimited optional $199/$299
(depending on location)
Unlimited Add $35
to any plan
According to Plan
No Limits, No Caps

Seasonal plans are available at the residential level and higher with a minimum of 4 months of service.

We offer a 10% SENIOR DISCOUNT (age 65+) on every plan. (Sorry, discounts can't be combined.)

What separates us from the competition?

  • Experience. We have been offering wireless access since 2001 in Nederland, when we became Nederland's first residential broadband provider. We have seen it all and tried it all. We know what works and what doesn't.
  • Support. We have a full-time staff of 3 at our office in Nederland, including network administrators.
  • Infrastructure. Nedernet has invested in a large amount of redundant bandwidth to the internet to meet the speed and reliability needs of our clients. Our sophisticated bandwidth management software gives you the bandwidth you pay for, and limits other client's ability to monopolize the connection. Our wireless backbone (link to the repeaters) uses the relatively noise-free 5.8Ghz band, reducing interference on the repeaters.
  • Coverage. We offer the best coverage of any provider, so you're assured a good connection, wherever you are in our service area.
  • Customer Service. We prioritize customer service. We care genuinely about our customers and our community - we're not happy if you aren't, and we'll do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied.
  • Stability. Not only have we been in business the longest, we own our office building, which houses our antennas and equipment. We've been established in Nederland as a business since 1997, and plan on staying.

Letters from our satisfied customers:

I can't thank you enough! This is unbelievable! I've never been too impressed by "new" technology--basically a late adopter. That's why when I heard high speed access was coming to Ned I tried not to get my hopes up. And then when I heard it was wireless I was even more skeptical. But ever since day one my impression started to change. First of all everything I read on the email exploder seemed to happen like you said. Two weeks ago you said the equipment would be here in a week--and it was. Then last week you told me you'd install my equipment today--and you did. And it WORKS!?!?! And I mean *really* works. I've tested it a bunch of different ways and it is about exactly 30 (yes, THIRTY!) times as fast as my 56K dial-up...! As soon as I drop my other ISP which I don't need anymore and cancel the extra phone line, that 30x increase in speed will cost me exactly $5...!?!?! Not to mention I don't have to drive down the canyon any more for high speed access. Telecommuting, here I come! You guys are great. Cutting edge technology from real people that know how to make it work. Thank you SO much.

David P.

The internet connection is working great and the kids enjoy their e-mail. You've now spoiled us and my colleagues here at NCAR are jealous! Especially when some can't get even ISDN or DSL down here and we have high speed internet in the stix! Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Steve W.
Big Springs, Nederland

...please let David know that the system is working GREAT. No problems whatsoever. I'm getting used to a fast connection and getting rid of phone lines!

Scott H.

1The speed we deliver is up to the advertised speed, and not guaranteed. Actual speed depends on your available line-of-sight, current network load, and other factors. If you have questions, please call!

2Except in the case of the Unlimted Plan, overages are billed at $5 per 10GB, up to a maximum of $50. Usage is unlimited between the hours of 1am and 7am.

3Additional installation charges may apply depending on local factors such as trees cover, geography, and/or other environmental constraints.

4 FiberWave service is currently only available at limited locations in Nederland.

Nedernet, Inc - PO Box 1244 Nederland, CO 80466 - 303-258-7922 - support@nedernet.net